Sunday, November 30, 2008


This event had to have a whole blog of it's own. Today, Sunday the 30th, Andy ate a Balut. "What is a Balut?" you ask. Well this is a yummy treat in the philippines. It is basically a hard boiled egg, except with the fetus of a duck!!! It was gross. As you can see from the pictures. First you peel the shell off the top. Then there is this juicy stuff, which we were informed is the "soup." You drink the "soup" then the fetus is able to slide out of the shell. When it is out you can see the form of the duck. Sometimes they even have the beaks. This one, I did not see a beak. The fetus you eat whole. I don't know how Andy choked it down but he say it was not that bad. I guess now he can say he's had it before.

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