Thursday, September 25, 2008

Our wonderful house in Lovely Rancho Cucamonga

So we have been here for a couple months. We have been meaning to get this blog going so that our family and friends can keep up with the "Sowa Life" In this blog we are including pics of our pad. We got absolutely blessed with the house that we are in. We found it on good ol' craigslist.It is a great 3 bedroom house. We got it for a great deal (for california) and love the place. We are in a cul-de-sac in a very quiet neighborhood. This is a small change from Katie's last place in Hollywood :) All our neighbors are very warm and friendly. We have a green belt that runs through the back yard that leads to a nice park. There is a nice bike trail that , once we get bikes, we will love to use. There are lots of other parks around here too. Also there is a great outdoor shopping center less than a mile away called Victoria Gardens (which has Bass Pro Shops, which Andy loves). Chongo, our dog, likes the place too, except for two things. There is no grass in the yard, and the house is almost entirely hard wood floor ( which is  always entertaining for us as he slides into walls and runs like scooby-doo, but not so fun for him). We are pretty far inland here which makes for very hot days. Lately, we have had triple digits in September. The beach is only about an hour's drive away. We found a great church in our community. It is held at the local high school. It is called Summit Ridge. It is a smaller church that just started about a year ago. The teaching is great and the people are very friendly. Over all, we are settled and loving life here in 12733 lucerne ct.



Natalie Van Essen said...

Too cute!! I want to come out and see your house IN PERSON soon! Love you guys!!

ken & anita said...

What a great way to stay in touch.
Your house is really nice, looks like it is big enough for guests.
Love Ya!
Ken & Anita